Touch Inspiration | Apps – inspired by you, built for the people!

Apps – inspired by you, built for the people!

What we do


What we do


Our goal is to make your business run better by designing, building and delivering well thought out Web, iOS and Android apps.

We’ve created blockchain-based apps, agri-based apps, payment apps, appointment apps, property management apps and much more.

Business Process Engineering

We reduce your operational costs by designing and implementing software to automate your existing business processes. With powerful custom dashboards and in-depth reporting, you will always have a detailed view of how your money and products flow through your business.

Application Development

Identified a niche in the market you want to fill? At Touch Inspiration we will work with you to understand your dream, and from it work out the requirements and turn that dream into a world-class app.

Web Design & Development

Today, having a company website is as crucial as having a shop, office or telephone number. If you own or operate a business that hasn’t taken that step into the online world, talk to us! Here at Touch Inspiration we will work with you to design and give you an online presence.

Project Management

Have a project in need of saving? Need extra resources to speed up project development? We can step into an existing project and work with the existing team to get the project to completion.

How it works


How it works


1. Discovery

We begin by speaking with you about your business to determine your requirements  and uncover the what and why of your project.

We document your requirements in a System Design Document that will be used as a reference throughout the project.

2. Design

Here we focus on the creative aspect of your project, and work on everything from the look and feel of the application to the user experience.

We also create prototypes to test functionality and iterate as required to ensure the design meets all the requirments.

3. Build

In this phase we develop the design into a working
application that addresses all the documented requirements.

We go through testing and optimization to ensure everthing works as expected.

4. Launch

Once your app is fully developed and tested, we work with you to ensure all goes smoothly with the launch of your app.

We also provide post-launch support and monitoring  to ensure that the it continues to run smoothly and efficiently.

Case Studies


Case Studies



Stakeholder Engagement System


Farm to Warehouse e‑Solution

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