Websites vs. Web Apps: A Guide to Understanding the Difference.

Jan 3, 2024

A situation that we run into a lot at Touch Inspiration is where a client says that they want a website, but they actually want a web app. This of course affects their expected budget and they skeptically wonder why a “simple website” costs more than they expected. So let me quickly explain 

What’s a Website?

A website is an online brochure for a business or establishment. It’s where you go to find out more information about a company or establishment. It could also be where you go to read articles, see a restaurant menu or browse the products that a shop is carrying. It is important to note that websites do not offer interaction between the user and site that offer results. 

Webapps on the other hand do…..

What is a Web App?

Now, imagine if that restaurant or shop website allowed you to place an order, customize your order, and even pay online. That website is now a web app – it’s not just telling you something; it’s letting you do something.

Let’s Compare: Websites vs. Web Apps

Websites are like your favorite book – great for reading and looking at pictures. Web apps, though, are like playing a game where you’re part of the action. Websites showcase stuff, like a shop window full of your favorite goodies. Web apps? They’re more like walking into the shop, trying things out, and chatting with the staff.

Picking What’s Right for You

When you’re thinking about stepping into the digital world, ask yourself: Do I want a cozy spot to display my stuff (that’s a website), or do I want an interactive space that achieves particular results? Your choice depends on how you want to interact with your visitors.

So next time you’re planning your online presence, remember: websites are your digital show-and-tell, and web apps are your interactive playground. Choose what fits your story best. And hey, why not have both?