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Stakeholder Engagement and  Management simplified

The Client


The Client

A global communications marketing firm that partners with the world’s leading businesses and organizations to evolve, promote and protect their brands and reputations.

One of their proven strategies is to engage their clients stakeholders over time so as to earn their lasting trust — the strongest insurance against competitive disruption, the antidote to consumer indifference, and the best path to continued growth.

The Challenge


The Challenge

Stakeholder engagement is a critical component to the successful delivery of any project, programme or activity.  It creates positive relationships with stakeholders through the appropriate management of their expectations and agreed objectives.

Unfortunately, stakeholder engagement management can often be a cumbersome and complex process that involves keeping of track of numerous datapoints around numerous stakeholders.

Our client was having a challenge engaging with and managing their stakeholders and approached us to develop a hybrid product for them that would enable them to engage with AND manage their stakeholders proactively.

The Process


The Process

When initially approached by the client to develop this application, we had little to no knowledge about the process of stakeholder engagement and management. With their initial requirements loosely defined, we set out to quickly and thoroughly understand the process of stakeholder management and how we could capture and execute that process in an application.

We carried out extensive research on existing  stakeholder engagement and management systems in the market to gain a better understanding of the process and functionality of such a product and how best we could  implement that in a hybrid application that achieves both stakeholder management and stakeholder engagement.

Armed with our research findings, we returned to our client and discussed with them with the proposed solution.

We worked closely with them, listening to their requirements and guiding them backed by our research findings on established and successful core principles in stakeholder management applications that were already out there.

We built an application that helped them achieve their end goal, which was a product that could handle both Stakeholder Engagement AND Stakeholder Management, the first of it’s kind in the Kenyan market.

The Solution


The Solution

FIX is an application that simplifies stakeholder engagement management. By being a software tool that builds a stakeholder relationship knowledgebase across your organisation, capturing a complete history of every interaction with your stakeholders, FIX removes the cumbersome and involving nature of stakeholder engagement management by providing the following functionality:
Monitor, manage, track and report on stakeholders and issues at an organizational and individual level
Track the influence, interaction and participation of individual stakeholders with stakeholder profiles
View all engagement for each project, and track every interaction between stakeholders and your team
Pull in data from social media (LinkedIn and Twitter) or integrate with third-party applications using custom APIs





Case management

  • Log cases and projects 
  • Assign cases to stakeholders 
  • Track stakeholder interest, influence and engagement around a case


  • Assign tasks to users and track to completion
  • A simple check-off system allows for  no-fuss closure of tasks

Issue Management

  • Log and track all issues that are raised within a case
  • Map location of issues and track issue trends by location
  • Create tasks for issues and assign to stakeholders to ensure that they are not just mentioned but also handled


  • Gauge the overall health of the project at a glance with a centralized view of all resolved cases and issues


  • Make sense of your data – View recent activity and issue to resolution trends
  • Track open tasks and issues directly from the dashboard
  • Drill down to individual issues, resolutions, and review trends
  • Tag word clouds of issue categories give you a visual snapshot of your data and  help you spot emerging issues

What else?


What else?

FIX 10
Clean, intuitive interface
Sleek, modern, easy to use forms
Powerful data analytics displayed in a visual dashboard
Unique tagging allows for smart filtering
Fast and extensive support from the team at Touch Inspiration

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