CSO Partnerships

CSO Partnerships

I feel that tech could improve my organisation and it’s processes, but I’m not 100% sure how?


If this question resonates with you in any way, please drop us a line, we’d love to vet you for our partnership program.

About the Program

To help Organisations realize the highlighted advantages, Touch Inspiration is seeking to partner with a few.

Touch Inspiration will help those selected into the program, leverage tech to best meet and exceed their goals/targets, especially around efficiently collecting and effectively using their data.  

Are You The One?


Leveraging tech correctly within an organisation yields the following advantages:

  1. Accessibility – the ability to reach, interact with and collect more data points.
  2. Speed – the ability to carry tasks out faster.
  3. Efficiency – A well built platform will provides the right and accurate information at the right time.
  4. Community Satisfaction – Having accurate and timely information allows one to focus on providing better services.
  5. Less Errors – The data stored shall allow for the correct subsets to be addressed at the right time s by the right resources.
  6. Simplified Expansion – The platform can quickly be expanded to accommodate new/other requirements.
  7. Data Visualization – The graphical representation of information and data using visual elements like charts, graphs, and maps.


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