Why does it take so long to build an app?

Apr 2, 2018

While the full-time job of developing your software is ours, for the next 45 days or so, you will spend a significant amount of time with us walking through the process and maintaining direction. While we try and cover everything required to develop your idea during the planning phase, there will be questions and clarifications that come up during the process.

Just like you have to sit with your architect to build your house, you will be required to sit with us to build your application. There will also be commitments you’ll be required to make as far as getting things up and running, such as server details, 3rd party app details, etc.

And finally... Respect your Idea!

When most people think about building an application, they think about “finding a guy”. The common myths they have are:

  1. I think I’m too small to use an established software company.
  2. I think my idea  is too small to engage a software company.
  3. A software company costs an arm-and-a-leg to get an application built.

Let’s dispel that myth!!!

There’s no idea too small to bring to life. The web is comprised “small” ideas from people who had the guts to give that idea the respect it warranted. Don’t be afraid to sit down with a professional and discuss how to bring your idea to life.

Whether it’s to make your life easier, your business run smoother, to build the next great thing: You have that idea for a reason.