Getting started with your Software Idea

Part 3. Building software is personal

7 out of 10 (and we’re being terribly lenient here) of the conversations we have at Touch Inspiration go like this:

Client: I’d like an application built
TI: OK, What would you like it to do?
Client: I would like it to help me manage my filing/streamline my processes/ help people understand our business better.
TI: Sounds good. When can we schedule a sit-down to discuss your business in depth and tailor-make your software to reach your goals?
Client: I’m a (insert profession here), make me an (inserted profession) app.
TI: OK, This sounds good, but we need to know exactly what you want out of the application so that you’re satisfied with the results.

At this point we get one of two responses, either the client comes in but doesn’t see the need to be there, or they don’t come in at all. Either way, we’re pretty sure that at this point, the client has already thought of us as incompetent imbeciles and is ready to move on to someone who doesn’t need as much details as we do.

The truth of the matter is that getting your software application built is very personal.

We shall ask you tough questions to understand your requirements and to be able to deliver what you need. It’s an uncomfortable process and, trust us, we feel very stupid while doing it (none of us have psychology degrees), but it must be done.

We do not assume to be mind readers and do not dare deliver anything but what you envisioned.  Think of it as our personal Hippocratic oath.

Up next… Part 4: Building software is time-consuming

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